Instant Lemon Tea Premix

  • A box contains 20 Single serve sachets.
  • It's Three in One Premix Sachets (Sugar, Instant Tea added with Lemon)
  • Empty contents of a sachet in a cup, add 100 ml hot water, give it a good stir et Voila! A refreshing cup of Lemon Tea
  • With a tangling taste of Lemon, Teatime Premix LEMON TEA offers a lot of health benefits. With Teatime, now serve your guests a refreshing cup of Lemon Tea anytime anywhere...
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Premix 1 kg Bulk Packs also available. Contact for details

Sugar, Instant Tea Extract and Lemon Powder

Net Quantity

20 Sachets 'N'

Net Weight

280gms (20 sachets x 14g)

(per 100g of powder)*
Energy (kcal) 340.26
Protein (g) 3.97
Carbohydrates (g) 78.48
Total Fat (g) 1.4
Saturated Fatty Acids(g) 0.8
Trans Fatty Acids(g) 0.0
Sugar (g) 9.86
Dietary Fibre 0.1
Sucrose(g) 9.82
*Approximate Values

Not Available